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Bed Bugs

We provide two different treatment options: Liquid & Heat.

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Anyone can get them. They’re difficult to kill, but we have two proven methods to offer you.

Due to the nature of this pest, it can be difficult to eradicate unless you are aware of how they travel and what to look for. We offer two treatment options: liquid or heat. Both have different benefits, so it’s up to you, your environment, the current activity level and your budget to determine which would work best for our situation. To provide a proper quote a personal inspection is necessary. Please call our office to find out more. Learn more about bed bugs here.

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Liquid Treatment

With the application of various professional insecticides, it can be very effective in controlling and eradicating the existing activity. Preparation before the treatment is necessary, ensuring we have access to multiple surfaces. Mattresses, bed frames, sofas, dressers, and all areas humans have high contact with are treated. We pay attention to cracks and crevices of furniture, walls and electrical outlets, as that’s where they hide. Due to the life cycle of the bed bugs, 2-3 treatments may be necessary, but we’ll have better idea after a thorough inspection to determine activity level.

Heat Treatment

We use Thermal Remediation® heaters to raise a rooms temperature to 120-135°F (49-57°C). The heat circulates throughout the room ensuring all challenging spots, such as cracks and crevices are reached, and Bed bugs of all life stages are physically unable to survive. Preparing for this treatment option does require some time, as some personal items may get damaged, but we review all details with you ahead of time. Watch the video for more detailed information about this treatment.

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Bed Bug Products

Along with offering and providing professional bed bug treatments, we also have various items you can purchase at our store to help prevent, control and eradicate bed bug activity in your property. We recommend Bed Bug Mattress Covers to everyone receiving a professional service, as well as for people looking to be proactive and take preventive measures. If you feel you have caught the bed bug activity at the very early stages, we also offer bed bug products which you can utilize and apply yourself, however, depending on the activity level, professional bed bug treatments are the most effective way to eradicate your problems. Come in and see what we have to offer.

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