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Stinging insects such as wasps, bees and hornets are annoying and potentially deadly for persona allergic to insect stings. Ohio Exterminating’s professionals can treat any type of stinging insect nest, whether it is a hornet’s nest high up in a tree or a yellow-jacket nest in the attic, we’ll be there. We utilize the latest, most up to date methods to eliminate these troublesome pests.

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Insects We Treat

The first thing to do to determine how to treat, is to properly identify the type of flying or stinging insect you are dealing with. By watching in the heat of the day, where all the activity is centered around (like trees, roofline, window shutter, your lawn, in patio area), as well as the time of the year, we can determine what type you have and treatment options.

The most common structural stinging insects Central Ohio has, which we treat, are:

  • Carpenter Bees
  • Ground Bees
  • Hornets
  • Mud Daubber
  • Yellow Jackets
  • Wasps

For more information on how to tell them apart, go here.

How We Treat

Treating the nests of stinging insects can vary, starting at the ground and going up several stories high. Our goal is to locate the exact place of the nest, and treat it with a chemical application very early in the morning when the activity is at it’s lowest. If applicable, the nest can be removed at the same time, depending on the type.

Our pricing is based on the height of the nest. Most times we can use one technician and a ladder to complete a job, and other times we may have to use several technicians with an extension ladder or even a highlight machine. For detailed pricing, look here.

Stinging Insect Cheat Sheet

What does a wasp nest look like compared to a hornets nest?  Which are the most dangerous?  Find all the information you need to compare each stinging insect and help identify what may be on your property.

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