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This area is dedicated to the more common “occasional home invaders”, as well as the bigger “pests” than can invade, damage or be a nuisance to a structure. We have placed them in the following categories to help you identify what issues you may be experiencing easier: Crawling Insects, Flying & Jumping Insects, Rodents & Wildlife, as well as Stinging Insects.

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Did you know a mouse can get inside your home by just a small void the size of a dime?

Did you know your home attracts certain bugs just because it has a moisture problem, most likely from your bathroom exhaust not working properly?

Did you know more neighborhoods are seeing a huge increase in rat activity, due to the increase of people participating in composting? We can help identify what’s in your house, solve why it’s there and how it got access inside so we can get to the final step: Stop their activity! Learn more in each of these categories.

For most of us, “nuisance wildlife” means animals that are being destructive to property or menacing.  Your property is offering either food or shelter, which attracts the wildlife, and it's often hard to eliminate what they're after.  Trapping is an effective way to solve a wildlife issue you may be experiencing.  

Trapping starts at $210

Trapping service involves us setting up, installing and removing the traps, for up to two weeks.  Once an animal has been trapped and we are notified, we will come within 24 hours to remove it.  For each animal caught, there is a $110 fee.

Some people may think this is cute, but, when it's in your house, the last thing it is is cute.  

Learn EVERYTHING about rodents and why you need them out of your house!

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