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No property is the same, just like no ant colony, bee colony, or any system of pests. Treatments can only be as effective as to how we approach the concern. Many factors are considered when discussing our approach plan of treatments. Factors like the type of pest you are concerned with, how long activity has been noticed, locations of activity, exterior structural concerns that can be attracting the pest, as well as you, the homeowner, on your sanitation practices.


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As Needed Service

$268, plus tax

Ohio Exterminating offers short term “as needed” services! We have many customers that do not need ongoing service. If you feel you have caught the pest activity at the beginning stages, we can most likely eradicate the problem with just one treatment. This “as needed” option includes a piece of mind, 60-day Service Agreement. If you are still experiencing the same pest issue within 60 days from your initial service, we will be happy to come back at no charge for a follow up treatment. After the 60 days, we will offer a discounted rate for any issue you may have the remainder of the year. 

If the problem has been going on for awhile (two season or more), the pest has most likely built a nest or colony that may require more than a single treatment.  Rodents, depending on activity level, may not work with this option, so let's discuss our options when you call.

Pests included in this option are: Ants (not Carpenter Ants), Spiders, Centipedes, Millipedes, Earwigs, Waterbugs, Silverfish, and Sow Bugs / Pill Bugs. If you feel you may need a one-time treatment for carpenter ants, it will be $328, plus tax, with the 60-day Service Agreement. For all other pests not covered above, please call our office to receive a quote.

Roaches, since that treatment is more intense, we charge $248 for the initial treatment.  All follow-up treatments are $125.

Seasonal Treatment

$148, plus tax

Our most popular, as we only treat during the key months that are the high “bug” seasons here in Ohio: Spring, Summer and Autumn (Fall). On the initial visit, your homes interior and exterior will be inspected thoroughly, allowing us to utilize the key products for your property and potential pest concerns. Spider webs will be removed and then your exterior perimeter of your house will be treated, focusing on the foundation, window/door/garage frames, and other access points that are found.

Treating your homes interior will be based on two factors:

  • Amount and location of pest activity found
  • What you the homeowner feel comfortable with

Pests included in this option are the same as above with the addition of Carpenter Ants and Roaches.

If you would like the extra protection for stinging insects, we do offer a Premium Seasonal option that covers nests up to 20 feet, at the cost of $195 per treatment.  Nests higher than 20 feet will have a reduced price if you are on this plan.

Quarterly Service

$125, plus tax

Same as 'Seasonal Treatment' above, however the fourth treatment is provided in the winter, guaranteeing year round protection.

Some customers want total protection and prevention year round, as they simply want to remain pest free. Other customers know they have specific pest problems throughout the year, and their goal is to save money as it’s more cost effective than multiple ‘one-time” treatments. To help determine if you would benefit from our quarterly service, check out Ohio’s Seasonal Pests and Most Common Pests to see if you’ve experienced any of these activities.

Premium Total Prevention

Seasonal (3 times a year) $195, plus tax

Quarterly (4 times a year) $178, plus tax

Enhanced quarterly program including stinging insects. If you are allergic have adverse reactions to bee stings (or just plain out do not like them), this is a great option for you. Stinging insects included with this option are Yellow Jackets, Hornet, Wasps and Carpenter Bees, up to 20 feet high. Anything higher requires different equipment, therefore has an additional cost provided at a reduced rate.

For pricing reference of treating for stinging insects, Pricing for Treating Stinging Insects.

Occasional insects that invade your home...maybe you've seen one?

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