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Termite Inspections

Do you think you see signs of termite activity or termite damage?

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Sometimes it can be completely obvious to see signs of termite activity, especially in the spring, when they start swarming.  Or, it can be a challenge to identify areas of damage located throughout your property.  

Let our experienced termite professionals evaluate your property, free of charge.  After a thorough evaluation, we'll share any findings, as well as review solutions that can fit your needs.  This is a great way to be on top of any termite activity before it grows and gets very costly to correct.  While we are on site, we will let you know if there is anything on your property that stands out that you can alter to help prevent termites. 

We offer professional termite and wood-destroying-insect inspections for "Prior-to-Sale" properties and always work around your schedule.  The fee is $178, plus tax, for the professional inspection as well as required documentation your lender will need.

We offer Sentricon Always Active Bait and Termidor Liquid

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What do termites look like?

First of all, you need to know how to properly identify what a termite looks like.  By the time you can see it, it will be above ground, and often can be confused for a swarming ant.  Think of a cigar, long and  narrow.  Termites wings are each long and narrow, where as swarming ants have 2 different wing lengths and a narrow abdomen.  Check out below for a document providing clear differences of a termite and an ant.

Termites become active in the springtime, when it's warm, usually April and May.  They want to leave their colony to go establish a new colony.  The tend to all show themselves at once, coming out of a small hole in your home, and flying, as if swarming the place.  Once you see this sign, you know 100% that a termite colony has made your home their home.

Ohio has subterranean termites, below the surface.

Termite "Cheat Sheet"

Print off this Termite Cheat Sheet, walk around your property and see if any of the termite signs of activity are noticed.  Sometime, people can confuse termite damage with carpenter ant damage, as they are both wood destroying insects, meaning, they eat your properties structure.

Damage is frequently noticed around door frame, window frame, floor boards, where the wood has the chance to be softer due to being exposed to natural elements, like water.  

Grab a flashlight, go down to your basement, in the unfinished part/crawl space, and do some investigating.  If you have a concrete wall, a clear piece of evidence is a 'mud tube' that goes up, kinda like a leaking water streak, but it's a sandy texture.  You may also see these mud tubes above your head, along the floorboards.  Also be on the look out for damaged wood, and look at it closely.  It could be an old nail hole gone wrong or it could be damaged wood flaking off.

We're just a call away to have one of our professional inspectors come out and confirm you indeed have activity, or provide peace of mind that you don't.

How Do Termites Do So Much Damage?

You don't see them, your house looks great, so why does it cost so much to treat for something I don't see?  As a homeowner, we know how frustrating that can be.  This is the biggest obstacle for property owners, as they have no idea what is going on to the internal structure of their home, and it's hard to understand something you can't see.  

Our industry has just compiled one of the greatest videos, detailing what is exactly taking place when termites invade your home.  500,000 subterranean termites were dumped into a "tiny house", complete with plumbing, electrical, insulation, etc., to capture the entire process of how damage takes place.  It's fascinating!  After you watch the video to the left, check out the Termite Tiny House project for full details making the video!

Buying a Property?

We are fully licensed to offer a "WDI", Wood Destroying Insect" Inspection during your buying process.  We guarantee a professional thorough inspection, looking for any type of evidence of previous or existing activity.  As always, we provide this service at the convenient of you or your agent.  Give us a call for more details.  There is a fee associated with this, $178 as required paperwork supports this licensed inspection.

Does Homeowner's Insurance Cover Termites?  In most cases, NO.

Homeowners insurance is designed to cover risks and damage that are accidental and sudden. As a pest control company will tell you, termites aren't a sudden phenomenon. The cost to remove termites and repair their damage is generally not covered by your homeowners insurance.
A termite infestation can cause a lot of damage to your house. According to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), they cost homeowners an estimated $5 billion a year to control and repair damage.
Check out this site, to determine if you currently or have the ability to be covered.  They provide a quick and simple questionnaire, only asking for details that the insurance companies would need, to determine your situation.

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